Ubud Aura Retreat Centre established in 2004, it was initially intended to accommodate Mr. Arsana's friends that came from all parts of the globe. He wished to make them feel like home while they do their spiritual practice at Ashram Munivara or treatment and healing program at Ubud Bodywork Centre.

Since then, Ubud Aura became a small Ashram and home for spiritual practitioners that developed a harmonious and balance energy all over the retreat centre. Mr. Arsana built it in a family compound atmosphere radiates in all corners of Ubud Aura as well as among staff members.

He named this retreat centre as Ubud Aura, a place where you may experiences the spiritual energy of Balinese motherland, especially the purity energy of Ubud, and you as our honor guest may share it to your family and even to all mankind all over the world.

Spiritual is beyond the religion, it is a personal journey into the deep of your soul.

Any purchase of the service will support Mr. Arsana's mission to share his spiritual insights to help more people around the world to develop Universal spirituality.

We welcome you as a guest and may you leave as our family