lymphatic boreh

Lympatic Boreh                                                                          

Rp. 375,000 (1 Hr 30 Mins)    

Enchanting treatment combines relaxing massage with revitalizing full body massage to stimulate blood circulation; followed by medicinal herbal scrub for the lymphatic system. Our signature scrub will stimulate the lymph circulatory system with the gentle heat sensation

Your treatment will be completed with a special herbal bath, and you will feel invigorated. 

*please ask your therapist to apply yoghurt if you have sensitive skin

Note: This treatment may have side effects, which can vary depending on each individual and the condition of your lymphatic system. Check with the Mahatma therapist about any concerns you have.

Exfoliation Massage                                                                        

Rp. 345,000 (1 Hr 30 Mins)   

Pamper yourself with relaxing massage followed by an application of herbal, aromatic spiced (lulur) body scrub. A cooling yogurt is then applied to moisturize and balance your skin. Soak and rejuvenate in a heavenly fresh flower bath to finish.

Aromatic Massage                                                               

Rp. 345,000 (1 Hr 30 Mins)

Rejuvenate yourself with Respiratory Blend essential oil inhaler followed by a relaxing massage. Experience wood brush back massage to help release the tension and then milk body polish for a brighter skin. Indulge in tropical flower of hot milk bath with aromatic essential oil. This special treatment is to cleanse the respiration system, release the tension on the muscle, and stress relief. 

*Use 100% pure natural essential oil