Cleopatra’s Rose Facial

for normal skin type

Indulge in the regal Cleopatra’s Rose Facial, a pampering treatment that combines the luxurious Sensatia Botanicals products with a rejuvenating lymphatic massage. Allow the essence of roses to transport you to ancient times as our skilled therapists perform gentle and soothing movements to stimulate your lymphatic system, promoting detoxification and reducing puffiness. Experience the hydrating and nourishing benefits of Sensatia Botanicals as they work harmoniously to restore your skin’s natural radiance. Immerse yourself in the opulence of this royal facial, embracing the power of lymphatic massage and Sensatia Botanicals for a truly regenerative and rejuvenating experience.

IDR 325.000 (60 mins)          IDR 475.000 (90 mins)

Rejuvenating Facial

A deep face cleanser treatment using organic products, pressuring on facial point massage, finished with shoulder massage.

IDR 250.000 (60 mins)


IDR 120.000 (30 mins) 


IDR 145.000 (45 mins) 

Nail Polish

IDR 75.000 (15 mins) 

Eye Treatment

IDR 50.000 (15 mins) 

Head Massage with Coconut Oil Mask

IDR 100.000 (15 mins) 

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