Jet Lag Remedy                                                              

Rp. 825,000/180 mins

A perfect treatment to alleviate the effect of jet lag. The ritual begins with a relaxation therapy, then your skin will be pollished with a milk solution to refresh your mind. The refreshing facial reconditions and moisturizes the skin, and the treatment is  followed by a relaxing milk bath.

YajJarta Ritual                                                                    

Rp. 825,000/180 mins

Our signature yogurt treatment allows you to cool down and release tension whilst activating the nervous system, which then activates the lymphatic system. The ritual begins with a foot ritual, then continues with a rejuvenating facial. Finally, relax in a beautiful flower bath and observe how stress-free and rejuvenated your body now feels!

Hot Lymphatic Therapy                                                     

Rp. 825,000/180 mins

This lymphatic healing technique begins with a deep tissue therapy massage followed by a hot herbal cloth that is applied along the spine. A lymphatic scrub is then rubbed all over the body with circular technique rubbing masssage to activate the glend and promote blood circulation. Finally, relax in herbal bath to further stimulate the lymphatic system.

Treatment Condition:

This treatment may have side effects, which can vary depending on each individual based on the condition of your lymphatic system. Kindly re-schedule Hot Lymphatic Therapy for another time if you are experiencing inflammation, fever, hearth disease, skin infections, allergies, high blood pressure or suffering from a severe cold.