Aura Therapy is a special healing and massage technique created by Mahatma Therapist Mr. Ketut Arsana and is performend by staff trained personally by him. He is a well known healer and founder of Ubud Body Works Center and Ubud Aura Retreat Center .

The technique is a combination of Ayurveda and Bali Usadha Tratments. Each treatment is focused on balancing, revitalizing and rejuvenating the lympathic sytem to produce a brighter Aura *, Allowing the body to feel lighter, brighter and the mind more clear.

Throughout our spa Treatment Menu, you will encounter the term‘lymphatic’often. The lymphatic sytem is very complex and it is made up lympoid organs,lymph nodes, lymph ducts, lymph capillaries and lymph vessels that make and transport lymph fluid from tissues to the circulatory system.

The three main functions of the immune system are to:
  • remove excess fluid from bodily tissues
  • absorb fatty acids and subsequently transport fat to the circulatory system produce immune cells such as lymphocytes and monocytes
Our special single treatment rooms are the perfect place to completely relax in the hands of your expertly trained therapist. Our spa massage treatments are available to in-house guest and other visitors seeking relaxation and pampering. Detoxify your body and recover from the stresses of daily life with Aura Therapy Spa service.

It’s not just relaxing ,it’s rejuvenating for body ,mind and spirit!

Aura :
‘The human aura is the energy field that surrounds the physical body. It surrounds you in all directions. It is three dimesional. In a healthy individual, it makes an elliptical or egg shape around the body’.

May every one have eternal peace in their heart,mind and soul…….

YajJarta ( Yoghurt Massage) Rp. 280.000 ( 1 hr 30 m)
This treatment begins with a salt water and galangal foot therapy treatment, soaking the feet in warm water, then ice-cold water to stimulate the lymphatic system. Our signature yogurt body treatment then follows, corporating a relaxation massage. Using yogurt instead of oil helps to renew skin cells, resulting in fresher, generate new healthier skin. The cool yogurt sensation refreshing refreshes the body and stimulates the lymphatic system. After the treatment, soak in a heavenly floral bath with salt water and relax!! This lymphatic treatment is highly recommended for sensitives skin types
Aura Relaxation Rp. 275,000 (60mt)
The Aura Relaxation massage is a gentle massage which relieves stress, relaxes the mind, soothes, muscles, releases all tension in the body and promotes the blood circulation. Take a deep breath and "talk" to your intire body, unite with your soul and RELAX!
Bodyworks Therapy Rp. 275,000 (60mt)
The strongest massage incorporating meridian point acupressure, reflexology, and yogic stretching to relieve pain, stress and improve overall health.
- -
Aura Relaxation Therapy Rp. 230,000 (60mt)
Gentle massage technique to relieve tensions and promote blood circulation
Skandha Rp. 200.000 (45 m)
Healing massage focusing on neck, shoulder, and spine; using special blend of natural hot oils drip over the spine to relieve tension in the neck and shoulder. Then a complete back massage begins. Medicinal herbal cloth are positioned along the spine to activate antioxidants and enzymes in the body, supporting the lymphatic system.
Ayatha Rp. 160,000 (45m)
Delightful reflexology treatment begins with salt water and galangal foot therapy treatment, followed by ice-cold water to stimulate the lymphatic system. This treatment also includes a half-leg massage and traditional herbal scrub to finish.
Face Treatment Rp. 230.000 ( 60mt)
This deep cleansing facial uses organic products made only of herbs, flowers, plants, spices and fruits. This treatment is a pressure  point facial massage, finished with a shoulder massage. A shooting cucumber and honey compress is applied to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Menicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail Coloring

Rp. 120.000 (30 m)
Rp. 145.000 (45 m)
Rp.  50.000 (15 m)




The following treatments are specially designed for a person who seeking a full treatment to pamper body, mind and soul. A special treatment for a special person like you!

Jet Lag Remedy Rp.450.000 (2hrs 3m)
A perfect treatment to alleviates the effect of jet lag. The treatment begins with a salt infused footbath, followed by an Aura Relaxing massage, which relaxes the muscles and soothes all tension in the body.

Your skin is then polished with a milk solution to leave the skin silky and smooth. The refreshing facial reconditions and moisturizes the skin and is followed by a relaxing milk bath.
YajJarta Ritual Rp. 450.000 (2hrs 30m)
Our signature yogurt treatment allows you to cool down and release tension whilst activating the nervous system, which then activates the lymphatic system. The ritual begins by washing and scrubbing the feet, followed by YajJarta treatment then continues with a yoghurt, honey and cucumber facial.

Finally, relax in a beautiful flower bath and observe how stress-free and rejuvenated your body now feels! It is highly recommended to schedule yourself for the Lymphatic Boreh or Hot Lymphatic Therapy along with the YajJarta Ritual within 3 days to get the optimum result.

* Upgrade the package with First Love Organic Facial    Add Rp. 100.000
Hot Lymphatic Therapy Rp.550.000 (2hrs 30min)
This lymphatic healing technique was created and taught to Aura Therapy staff by Master Therapist Mr.Ketut Arsana. Prior to the treatment you will be given a herbal footbath, then a deep-tissue therapy massage. A special hot stone treatment is applied to your spine to your revitalize your energy.

Our special herbal scrub is rubbed all over the body until a sensation of ‘pins and needles’ along with slight heat is felt. Finally, relax in herbal bath to further stimulate the lymphatic system.

Treatment Condition:
This treatment may have side effects, which can vary depending on each individual based on the condition of your lymphatic system.

Kindly re-schedule Hot Lymphatic Therapy for another time if you are experiencing inflammation, fever, hearth disease, skin infections, allergies, high blood pressure or suffering from a severe cold.



Lympatic Boreh Rp.375.000 (1hr 30m)
This treatment combines the Aura Relaxation massage with a revitalizing full body massage to stimulate circulayin. It is then followed by a medicinal herbal scrub which is speciall formulated for the lymphatic system of Mahatma Therapist Mr.Ketut Arsana. This herbal scrub is rubbed all over the skin creating a sensation of ‘pins and needles ‘and a gentle heat. Your treatment will be completed with a cooling yogurt rubdown and the an indulgent soak in a special spice bath.
Exfoliation Massage Rp. 325.000(1hr 30m)
Pamper yourself with a full body massage followed by an application of herbal, aromatic spiced (lulur)body scrub. Cooling yogurt is then applied to condition and balance your skin. Soak and rejuvenate in a heavenly fresh flower bath to finish
Salth Bath Rp.325.000(1hr 30m)
Detoxify the body and revitalise your skin with a full body massage then followed with salt scrub. Then relax in a salt and flower bath while you meditate to release all the toxins in your body and mind
Milk Bath Rp. 325.000 (1hr 30 m)
Indulge yourself with Aura Relaxation Massage followed by an application of body scrub and milk body mask. Soak and rejuvenate a heavenly fresh flower bath to finish
Aromatic Massage Rp. 325.000 (1hr 30m)
Rejuvenate yourself with Respiratory Blend essential oil inhaler followed by Aura Relaxing Massage. Experience wood brush back massage to help release the tension and then Milk body polish to leave your skin brighter. Indulge your self in tropical flower hot Milk Bath with aromatic essential oil. This is special treatment for cleanse the respiration system, release the tension on the muscle and assist in relieve stress.
* Use 100% pure natural essential oil
Aura Therapy Spa is proud to preset the first in Ubud.....
Certified Organic Sythesis
“first love” radiance products and facials

Synthesis skin care products combine with the special touch of Aura Therapy Spa practitioners to deeply nurture skin and spirit, lifting you beyond worldly concerns to discover pure restoration.You can rest assured, Synthesis skin care is organic, vegan and made only from the purest, freshest ingredients. Created and manufactured to the stringent AQIS national standard.

The First Love Products used in the facials are based on the precious gifts of organic Rose Otto. This pure oil has the highest vibration of any measured substance and is known to open the heart, with countless benefits to the skin. The products also contain optimum concentrations of the state-of-the-art actives to accelerate cellular regeneration and bestow vitality, protection and hydration to the skin.

These products are also available for sale so you can continue to enjoy the benefits at home.

First Love Organic Facial 1 hour Rp. 300.000
Discover the embrace of First Love Organics in a delicious mini facial. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage and quenching hydration, leaving your skin refreshed and soothed.
First Love Organic Radiance Facial Add-ons:
  • Eye treatment with fresh cucumber
  • Neck & shoulder  massage with organic virgin coconut oil
  • Hair Treatment with organic virgin coconut oil
  • Anti-aging face massage
15 minutes Rp.  75.000
15 minutes Rp.  75.000
10 minutes Rp.  75.000
10 minutes Rp.125.000