Aura Therapy Spa is proud to preset the first in Ubud.....
Certified Organic Sythesis
“first love” radiance products and facials

Synthesis skin care products combine with the special touch of Aura Therapy Spa practitioners to deeply nurture skin and spirit, lifting you beyond worldly concerns to discover pure restoration.You can rest assured, Synthesis skin care is organic, vegan and made only from the purest, freshest ingredients. Created and manufactured to the stringent AQIS national standard.

The First Love Products used in the facials are based on the precious gifts of organic Rose Otto. This pure oil has the highest vibration of any measured substance and is known to open the heart, with countless benefits to the skin. The products also contain optimum concentrations of the state-of-the-art actives to accelerate cellular regeneration and bestow vitality, protection and hydration to the skin.

These products are also available for sale so you can continue to enjoy the benefits at home.

First Love Organic Facial 1 hour Rp. 300.000
Discover the embrace of First Love Organics in a delicious mini facial. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage and quenching hydration, leaving your skin refreshed and soothed.
First Love Organic Radiance Facial Add-ons:
  • Eye treatment with fresh cucumber
  • Neck & shoulder  massage with organic virgin coconut oil
  • Hair Treatment with organic virgin coconut oil
  • Anti-aging face massage
15 minutes Rp.  75.000
15 minutes Rp.  75.000
10 minutes Rp.  75.000
10 minutes Rp.125.000